Saturday, March 8, 2008

Voices In My Head

I hate how you dress. Your skin is so ashy. Your breathe stinks. You're too big. My family just going to blame you for everythink I do anyway. You can't cook. How did that happen. It won't last a year. He can come and stay with me. You think you the only one that he is taking care of? He looks like the Rock. I don't know why he just don't go live with that dyke. He was with her the other day. He said, That's my girl. They envy you. They want what you got. You silly for being with him. Why can't I have my wife and my other girls, too? I chose you. That's not my son. She's pregnant by your man. I saw him over her house. I saw them at the bowling alley with her family. He kissed her. She was touching him. I'm going out of town with my boys. She tried to take me home. You need to get a job. Awwww, ain't that cute.....he needs to be at home with his wife. Who is he messing with now. I don't want to come over your house because your man.....How does she feel now that she knows her man approached me for sex. I don't know why she keep on having kids by him....That man is bold. He was at the stripclub????? It's her fault. You need to do something about him. Divorce him. Kill him. Leave him. Get somebody else. Show him how it feels.

These whispers have become loud voices...Help me God.