Saturday, February 9, 2008


First of all i would like to applaud this site. I have a frustration i am longing to release. I am very mad at a relative. He is incarcerated at the present for crimes committed in order to get drugs. He lost custody of children before going to prison. I absoulutely abhor the person that was awarded custody. This person will not allow our family to be a part of their lives. She is a relative to the mother of said children. She has two of them. Now another relative on her side has the other two. I am angry with mama because she verbally abused us. I am angry with my parents because they fought all the time. When we were kids brother would bite his fingernails down to the quick and chew on his clothes. I'm angry at my dad because he was a weak man that let my mother run him. She didn't respect him neither did we. Especially me. It made me a borderline dyke and both of my brothers weak men. I'm angry with babymama cause her family robbed stole and sold drugs. My bother hooked up with her and followed suit. Now that he is in prison she wants nothing to do with him. She can't she's on crack too. I guess when you started this blog you didn't think you would get something like this as the first entry. Well, this is the life that I'm dealing with. Pray for my brother that he will find God and not just because he is hoping to get a "get out of jail free card." Okay so one of bm's relatives has two of their kids. Now another relative has the other two. He was already calling my mom from prison crying and whining and begging for money. Now he is wanting us to get the youngest two kids so that he will be able to see them . I don't thing this would be such an issue to him if mommy dearest hadn't talked him into getting a vasectomy. He can't have anymore kids. So controlling she is. Pray for our family please.


Tom said...

I appreiciate your honesty and the fact that you havent given up on those you love even though they are not perfect.So many do.I will pray for you that healing comes to your family and that God gives you peace.Take care and God bless